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Hello! Thank you so much for this post, but I saw it too late, so I did not have time to attend any of the conferences. I will be very grateful if you periodically share information about upcoming conferences. I'm just starting to work with cryptocurrency, so I think that such activities will help me to develop in this direction. Recently, a friend of mine advised me to check the site and I thought it might be a good start. At first I thought that it might be too late, but I did'nt regret that I nevertheless agreed. And such conferences are just a find for my future development.

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2018 was a difficult year for the entirety of the cryptocurrency market, from investors to miners. The market plunge caused businesses to close their doors and many investors to grab back their money. Yet, many experts predict a turnaround for cryptocurrencies in 2019 as well as major advancements in blockchain technologies.

Given the positive outlook, there is a wide variety of cryptocurrency conferences and other crypto-related events scheduled throughout this year. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrencies, or already an industry veteran, anyone with an interest can gain something valuable from the following conferences and events.

Blockchain Connect Conference
(January 11)
Where: San Francisco, United States

The Blockchain Connect Conference is one of the biggest blockchain conferences in North America. This year’s theme, “Academic,” will feature many notable speakers, such as Ethereum creator, Vitalik Buterin, cryptographer David Chaum (who will also be speaking at another event on this list), as well as a variety of other blockchain and crypto professionals across the globe. San Francisco is home to some of the largest tech companies on earth, so we can expect a lot of news on new products as well as updates on the current ones.

North American Bitcoin Conference
(January 16 – 18)
Where: Miami, United States

The North American Bitcoin Conference, held in Miami, Florida each year, is one of the biggest and most informative events for bitcoin, and this year looks to be more valuable than ever. David Chaum, the cryptographer who pretty much paved the way for cryptocurrencies with his release of DigiCash in 1989, is scheduled to speak. It’ll be interesting to see what Chaum has to say about the current state of cryptocurrencies. In addition to Chaum, the conference will also host over 150 other top bitcoin-related speakers.

Crypto Investor Show
(January 18 – 19)
Where: Manchester, United Kingdom

The Crypto Investor Show is targeted heavily towards cryptocurrency investors. It aims to update its participants about how cryptocurrency has evolved, the regulatory progress, and what can be done to facilitate mass crypto adoption.

4,000 attendees are expected, and speakers will include former CCO of Ethereum Stephan Tual, as well as Emergent Technology CTO Sally Eaves, in addition to many others. The event will also have hundreds of cryptocurrency-based exhibits.

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