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I. Target Costumers:
The priority targets for the new crypto currency Etherium Plus will be the best crypto evangelist out there. As the currency is still its infancy, catering to strong and influential people around the world of crypto will be the help needed for our Etherium Plus to spread among people.
Second will be the people, to create a community for Etherium Plus to be traded around the market.
II. Objective:
Etherium Plus is a crypto currency which is created to have the value based on Etherium. It can be used for trading in online stock markets and also will be used as a digital currency for exchanging products. Etherium Plus will be introduced to the world the same as other crypto currencies, which is a secure way of having your own money and making transactions without fear of external dangers like theft and counterfeiting. It is the currency that brings us to our future.
III Distribution:
The priority is to distribute the asset by AIRDROP to cloud accounts which are active to be sold via peer to peer.
IV. Pricing:
The price of Etherium Plus will be based on the value of Etherium on the market. The goal is to get a stable price and trade it to several other crypto currencies available on the market.
V. Marketing Materials:
Word about Etherium Plus is planned to be spread throughout multimedia platforms on the internet. Emails and proposals will be sent to crypto evangelists to let them know that ETH Plus will soon be launched and seek for their advices and comments. Updated charts will be used to monitor the prices in the market.
VI. Promotion:
The promotion of ETH Plus is simple, that is to spread educational materials to the people. Advertising about its existence is good but advertising it right is a lot better. A lot of people, especially people with a bit of knowledge of crypto currency have the perception that it is only used for trading in stock market, taking the risk of its value going up to become instantly rich or go down and become depressed. But that’s not the only reason why crypto currency exists, especially ETH Plus. ETH Plus exists to be able to become the next form of money, to be used in exchanging products, products that are used in our daily lives. People are more skeptical if they are offered something that would make them instantly rich as there have been a lot of scams that are currently spreading. Sure there are a lot of susceptible people who will fall from this kind of advertising but most people now-a-days are very suspicious. Giving promises that ETH Plus would bring someone riches is not the right way to go, and besides, ETH Plus is not a product but a currency used for buying and selling goods in grocery stores or local markets. If people start to exchange their normal currencies into ETH Plus, they won’t need any banks to keep and manage their own savings or money but they themselves could do it. They can use it anytime and can decide the amount they’ll need. Of course they can also dive into the stock market and risk their own money, but that is only an option they have to decide by themselves. Giving the people a vision of the future the right way is what makes people have the willingness to accept changes.

COme and TRADe to ETHPLUS.