Author Topic: Whats new with Bitshares?  (Read 1027 times)

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Welcome back!

- We have Foundation now as legal representative and escrow.
- We have fine development teams funded through workers that are doing very well in last 1,5 year.
- Consensus will always as politics be fight about power between stakeholders so it will never change :) Drama and smoke is still here and there.
- BitUSD is in Global Settlement, and hopefully we will seen it soon alive and with proper peg.
- A lot of new dapps are coming, wallets from workers, projects on top of it, etc... (check )
- Plenty of new exchanges/gateways that are here for some time and doing well apart from OL (since you havent been around for a while)
- More harmony between block producers ever since BitUSD had BlackSwan.
- Testnet has implemented HTLC (Mainnet release is scheduled for May)
- Redesigned new website and new docs that workers/devs/entire community is helping out to be more up2date.
- BEET dapp

For more you can follow up on workers from your wallet and hit respective links (Voting -> Active/Proposed) or head on to and look list of workers
Also transparent accounting from BitShares Blockchain foundation is available @

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Hey everyone!

I haven't checked in with this forum - or crypto in general - for close to a couple years (for numerous reasons). Any one that can fill me in? Is the community still as active as it was back in the day and is the general consensus positive/negative about the state of bitshares currently? What's been happening on the development end? What's upcoming?

Just any information you think is relevant would be appreciated! Just downloaded the bitshares client again and looking forward to getting involved once more!