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mssr 100 can solve most problems

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Just because they have a nice graphic with many little arrows pointing everywhere doesn't mean it's going to work better than what we have.

If we still think they only have a nice graphic, we will see, just like the MAKER DAI.

a) using the DEX price for the feed is dangerous because such feedback loops tend to oscillate, and

I have said we can give the feed price(DEX price) a range of risk which will be controlled by CEX price(e.g. 1.05*CEX, CEX), dangerous didn't exit.

Using or not using the DEX price for the feed both have feedback loops, every asset with collatera will have feedback loops without doubt.

b) there is no such thing as a "correct" feed price when external markets are skewed due to political boundaries, so it is pointless to argue about it.

We just ask a "fair“ feed price,if i can't use the feed price to buy 1 bts from the CEX easily,i don't think it‘s a ”fair“ feed price.

Political exsits everywhere,  i don't think argue aout feed price is pointless, it‘s very important.