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looks good, how much funding would your worker proposal require?

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Guys, this looks great.

It's a simple and clean looking interface...really impressed and a nice surprise to have pop up unexpectedly.

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Walle7 MVP

Hello BitShares Community!

We are developing a simple and intuitive mobile and desktop BitShares GUI. It gives an opportunity to keep, receive, send and exchange assets.
Currently the app is in the testing phase and you can see how it works on your device:
We hope for your feedback and would like to hear what might be missing in the current version. If you see the potential of the project, it would ne nice to hear your opinion.

Live Example

You can try a live example where you can log in with a test account and see all the existing wallet functionality. We hope you enjoy it at

Available for Mobile and Desktop

You can build the application yourself from Walle7 repository for the web, use Cordova builder for mobile apps and Electron for desktop versions. Tested on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Mobile Safari and Mobile Chrome, standalone apps for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and macOS.

Here is a web preview: if you don’t want to compile from source.

Click and tap everything and if suddenly something does not work as you think - let us know in the Discord group . We can quickly add fixes where they are needed or put the task to the development plans.

We pay strict attention to privacy, so the application does not contain any analytics, and no data sent to the outside.


The application transfer weight is about 850 kilobytes: including embedded fonts, illustrations, code and layout.
Fast enough: loads from scratch in about 3 seconds including time to connect to decentralized nodes.

It is build on a small and fast JS framework with storing data with AES encryption, WebSocket Secure connection to BitShares nodes and gateways. Reconnecting on timeouts or other network problems. Automatic locking the wallet after 15 minutes of inactivity and showing Pin code screen. Manage touch actions on devices and correct frontend mapping on supported platforms. Background updates for transaction history and balances after successful exchange or withdraw.


We do our best to keep the application interface simple and straightforward to use. Made for the web, works in browsers, on mobile and desktops as portable applications.

User data is encrypted. Password is not stored anywhere. Beet integration for most secure transactions without a password.

Open Source
The application source code is published on Github. Once a couple of weeks there are updates of new features.

Latest Updates

6 August 2019
  • Send any supported asset between BitShares users. Now, when you click "Send" button, you can specify valid BitShares username, and on the right, a confirmation appears that the sending within the network is selected.
  • Validation of the withdrawal address. The address to which you want to send a transfer is checked for validity using gateways or inside the Bitshares network if you send funds to another user.
  • RuDEX and XBTS gateways added. Now all assets available in these two gateways are supported.

1 July 2019

28 June 2019
  • BitUSD and BitCNY have been added to the list of supported assets.
  • Now, when exchanging any coin for any, order book liquidity is checked.
  • When the gateway wallets for deposit or withdrawal are under maintenance, a modal is displayed with links to news and support page.
  • On the welcome screen, you can now enter a test account with one click.
  • On mobile versions, the link to the exchange confirmation with Beet is temporarily hidden until the availability for mobile devices.
  • On the main screen in the header now displays the username of the wallet.

05 June 2019
  • The project integrates support for assets created inside BitShares DEX. At the moment we have connected Obits, Peerplays and OracleChain.
  • Added the ability to make an instant exchange using the signing of transactions through Beet
  • Sparkdex gateway supported for a deposit, exchange, and withdrawal. Currently integrated SPARKDEX.BTC and SPARKDEX.ETH.
  • Modal HTML templates to speed up further development.

15 May 2019
  • Now you can log in to any BitShares account without a password. For example, you can use the "walle7-test" account.
  • The modal screen with the password request is now shown only at the moment of preparing for sending to the node. Your account password does not store by the application and is used only to sign the transaction.
  • Standalone web build is now in the own repository: It is based on GitHub Pages service and runs from the public directory, so now you can run the web interface on your desktop or mobile device without fear of your private credentials.

Features Survey

We run a small pool for the future of the project. The purpose of the survey: find out what features are missing for convenient use of the wallet.


Latest version of this post:

Source code on Github:

Walle7 Web Preview:

Hope to talk in or in any other way of communication.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
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