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To HubertMil.

Your question is very good, I think. If the current administration were not so retarded, they would not make the BTC (the blockstreams and hack on the real bitcoin) the main currency in the first place. If our market is truly free, then the current price might be reflecting the market sentiment.

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very sad...

If one bitasset will be GS,the bitasset should be recalled (buy the margin to reback to the holder of bitasset)to maintain the global collateral ratio in 101%, this is the right way to handle the black swan.

The GS can't maintain the value of the bitBTC, and the holder of bitBTC didn't care about the GS, this is the worst result.
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What's the real value of BTC do you think then?

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Its on global settlement which means its undercollaterized and thats why it doesn't represent currently the full value of a BTC.

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!Why the price of the bitBTC so low right now? It is below 77 % of the real BTC, which is less than the tether USD over the true USD has ever been!!! I know it is a free market so the stuff like this happen but it is supposed to be supported at the 1:1 ratio to the real thing! It means that the bitBTC has a major problem, especially if you are truly in the free market place. And, yes, it is indeed very hard to exchange it with the real thing in this bitshares market. (Even BlockTrades ignores! WTF!) Aren't you guys supposed to do something about it? Why nobody talks about it? It is very weired to me. I do not like it very much.
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