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Re: [Worker Pre-Proposal] North American BitShares Conference
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2019, 04:11:54 pm »
Thanks for the answers. I take it that the answer for B) then is that there is no escrow? I'm not asking this to be annoying, I'm asking this considering the background and what would benefit the worker the most imo.

Here are more comments :)

1. The pro forma mentions costs and possible incomes. Can you please state clearly what the maximum budget required from the blockchain?
2. You talk about Keynote, does that mean BitShares will be able to present a Keynote at WCC?
3. You mention DEVCON that is supposed to be happening at the same time. What is the difference, and are there any details known?
4. Will you be seeking sponsors, and if so would that reduce the amount that will be taken from the blockchain similar to DevCon?

EDIT: Because it just popped in my head in the other marketing worker:

5. How will the invoicing happen? I would hate to see VAT appearing that is then being billed to the blockchain. Did you look into this by any chance already? If you are confident that will not be the case, disregard this  last question please.

Answers posted in OP as an update.

Side note - Yes on sponsors as well, in which case those funds would offset any cost to the blockchain.

The entire conference is Bitshares based - so a lot of speakers and keynotes will take place. We aim for this to be a very well rounded event for the entire Bitshares community.

Thanks for the answers, found them now. For 2 a follow up: Keynote I meant at the WCC main event, not at the BitShares pre-conference. Is that the keynote you were referencing?

How do you estimate the attendance for a Sunday and Monday considering that the main event is thereafter? I'm not familiar with american conference planning especially from employers side (people would miss the whole week).

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Great questions Stefan! I asked the organizers and the are open to us doing a Keynote, there are two rooms hosting keynotes at WCC so there are options. Also, Stan Larimer is already speaking so just need to discuss some logistics. I'll tag you in the telegram as we work out those details and post the outcome of that discussion here on the forum as well.

As for attendance, it's a bit hard to say, however, we can make an effort to poll the audience for interest and make some guesstimates. I will say that Bitcoin/Blockchain conferences are an ecosystem in and of themselves and it seems like people live for those things haha. So, usually people are able to take the time off due to working in the industry itself, however, I've met non-crypto industry people who will usually attend a day or two depending on their schedule. The fact that it's partially on a weekend might actually work in our favor from that standpoint.

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Re: [Worker Proposal] North American BitShares Conference + WCC DEV CON
« Reply #17 on: June 11, 2019, 08:12:50 am »
Oof, been so busy, I only got a chance to go through this thread now.

Overall, I support our presence in WCC as I believe this kind of exposure will be great for BitShares, especially if combined with a marketing push....which thankfully I see people slowly getting into, see Stefan's worker (, thul3's proposal (  and Bench's proposal (

We definately need more workers like this (or even a larger one if anyone's up for it).

As far as the NABC at the same time is concerned, the base costs are really good. I don't see a marketing/promotion budget for it however. If we want people to come/register/participate in the hackathon, a promotion budget will be needed.

Also, there is mention of a possible profit from this event. What will be done with it?

I'd like to see a "promoted" poll/questionnaire we can all share via steem/twitter/etc. to better judge interest and evaluate the potential of an NABC.

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Re: [Worker Proposal] North American BitShares Conference + WCC DEV CON
« Reply #18 on: June 11, 2019, 09:02:47 pm »
Yay! Thanks for your vote of confidence and guidance.  8)

Completely agree on marketing budget, will think on that now.

As for profits, I think we should return this back to the community since we would be front-loading the expenses for ourselves internally as well as paying EVOLV for their services out of the BitShares coffers. Frankly the videos of sessions **could** be an ongoing possible income stream (for BitShares) that the general (non-BitShares public) might be interested in purchasing after the fact.

We did a poll in Telegram which indicated people seemed to like Vegas as a venue for it and the 27-28th timeslot:

Happy to run some additional ones if you think that would help. Any questions in particular we should ask?