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« on: June 16, 2019, 05:57:22 am »
Dear colleagues, I recently went to Bitshares, but I noticed that one very important tool is missing - options.
Having studied the question, I realized that I could not create an asset option, since it would be deprived of the confidence of the participants.
An option, feed for which publishes only one account, no one will trade.
Therefore, I suggest that any member of the network become the owner of the account that I created and once a month publish feed for an option.
I incur all expenses, from you once per month publish feed for an option. Put 0 or 1 in the cli wallet.
You will be motivated by the profit from the option trading. I set a commission for trading 1%. All profits will be shared equally between account holders.
Total owners will be 5. I and 4 more.
That is, the profit will be divided into five.
This will give the option trust from network members.
If you want to become an account owner and get profit from trading and are ready to press three buttons on the keyboard once a month - send 0.0001BTS to “options-wallet” account.
Then I will act as a market maker of the option and if the community is interested in such a financial instrument, we will get a good profit.
P.S. Please, if you do not know what is cli wallet do not submit your application.