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Dear BitShares community,

we would like to put out an open invite to all interested parties that will attend the DevCon (see bottom of this post for details)
to meet with us after the conference on Sunday and Monday evening (7th & 8th of July).

The we/us in that sentence is two-fold:
 - Blockchain Projects BV as a blockchain software service supplier (represented by Fabian Schuh and me)
 - BitShares UI team (represented by Ihor Brazhnichenko, Serhii Dotsenko and me)

The idea is to meet at a bar or similar in the surroundings of the Conference Hotel for a friendly hangout,
Q&A, networking, reflection on the DevCon and drinks/snacks (sponsored by Blockchain Projects).

If that sparks your interest please voice your interest, and we are happy to meet you all at the conference!
More Details will follow.


The 2nd Global Graphene Blockchain DevCon

Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai
Lujiazui Ring Road 1288
200120 Shanghai, China

6th and 7th of July

More information

Any questions on the event?
@LukeWWX @btslinda in Telegram
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The conference dinner has been rescheduled to Sunday evening (today), consequently we will have our open invite only for tomorrow evening.

If anyone is interested please let us know.

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find me in telegram or wechat if you are in the area

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How did it go?