Author Topic: Vote for MMC on Cryptsy  (Read 1316 times)

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Vote for MMC on Cryptsy
« on: February 11, 2014, 09:20:15 am »
In the last hour we've received a flood of votes on Cryptsy.
Let's keep the momentum up!
Please vote if you haven't done so yet:
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Re: Vote for MMC on Cryptsy
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 03:15:27 pm »
I think we desperately need a larger MMC/virtual vs. MMC/fiat market share to reduce CNY arbitrage at Bter:

Network market distribution - pools, exchanges, and services - is a CMO responsibility.  The community can run a sub-campaign and vote in the blockchain to help Itsik like I show below.  The intent is to run a short-term candidacy to focus community direction and attention, with a specific goal.  Since the sub-campaign votes for Itsik's standard CMO address, any accumulated funds support his "return-to-power".  Using voting preferences would also help:

1. Bter Referral Program

Use the Bter referral / affiliate program to show support.  Create a new account on to trade from, using my affiliate link below, until Cryptsy adds MMC. 

You get a discount on trading fees, and any commissions I receive will be deposited at MMCGLOBAL (see #2).  Stop trading and/or change accounts whenever you feel like it.

Bter's Referral Program, from:

When they sign up using your referral code, they get 10% off discount on all their trading fees for 6 months and you receive 30% of all their trading fees for 6 months. Notice: Your account needs to be older than 1 day before you can invite other people.

Signup page URL:
Home page URL:

2. Community Blockchain Vote and Pledge

The community can define an address in the blockchain, and vote to show support for Cryptsy to add MMC.  A vote could show support, and the balance could be used to show MMC "reserved" for exchange on Cryptsy.

Cryptsy CMO PWUP Blockchain Vote:

3. Bribe Cryptsy with CMO Funds

The community can define a CMO MVTE address.  Any funds received would be exchanged outside - e.g., Cryptsy, poloniex, or p2p with Officers, etc. 

This address would vote for Itsik after Cryptsy adds MMC.  This allows the community to effectively "steal his salary" to motivate him if enough support is shown.  After cryptsy is added, the sub-campaign then supports Itsik's "return-to-power".



Create a new bter trading account using the MMCGLOBAL affiliate link:

Vote to either address to show funds available for exchange outside (e.g., cryptsy or other exchanges) to BTC/altcoins.  Any funds received at MMCGLOBAL will be exchanged outside (e.g., cryptsy, other exchanges, or p2p).


Cryptsy CMO PWUP Blockchain Vote:
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