Author Topic: The World's First DLT framework for financial operations VPLedger "Early Access"  (Read 19650 times)

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We have extended opportunity to upgrade to Lifetime Membership to end of January 2020 on the worlds first blockchain with compliance by default using OBITS. Please have a look at our introduction connecting OBITS with VPLedger on

The connection with VPLedger means basically that when buying Vimples on VPLedger with OBITS you buy 1:1 even though retail price in 2020 for Vimples are 1 EUR.

Only 14 497 286 OBITS available, and any OBITS used to buy Vimples from January 1st 2020, will be burned and forever removed from circulating/total supply.

Cannot wait to have OBITS introduced to the first serious exchange like on January 3rd, 2020 Happy New Year

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