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The emission of BTS from worker proposals is not the source of price downtrend; don't spread that misinformation. Austerity is not a sustainable economic policy, it does far more harm than good. By voting for refund400k you risk loss of development capabilities, loss of marketing opportunities, you put the security of the network and client at risk by impeding development.

Don't vote for refund400k because of the low price of BTS, it's going to do more harm than good. The majority of the recently de-activated and currently active worker proposals are worth funding and are not the cause of BTS price downtrend.

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Nice metaphor. What's missing is that the parents refuse to pay for the doctor.

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Nice metaphor. What's missing is that the parents refuse to pay for the doctor.
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Beos for many great project budget voted, but without the largest contribution to the voting BTS + purse, Beos option is really in BTS or better in order to maximize their own interests?
Beos 给很多预算很大的项目投了票,但是没有投票贡献最大的BTS+钱包,Beos的选择真的是为了BTS更好还是为了自己利益最大化?

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In other words, there is an apprentice who is sick, very serious, and will die at any time. The apprentice's parents are still taking the apprentice to visit the master, to study woodworking, electricians and so on. The parents say to the apprentice, this is all for your good, only if you master more skills can you survive better. Seeing this, you will surely ask if the most important thing to do at this time is not to see an apprentice doctor?! Yeah, you'll die if you don't see a doctor. You have to live first. Like this apprentice, BitShares is sucked by various workers every day, and its spirit is worse than the day after day. Shouldn't we treat it first? Although there is no guarantee that stopping the worker will cure BitUnit's disease, at least it will not aggravate it any more!
So I appeal to all btsers to withdraw the overwhelming majority of the proposals and vote for refoud 400 to keep BTS alive.