Author Topic: 让Bitshares在SteemFest Asia上大放异彩- Let Bitshares shine on SteemFest Asia  (Read 1148 times)

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我非常尊重地请你注意你对1.14.209的投票--SteemFest Bitshares赞助。

如果您考虑投票支持工人提案ID的剩余支付时间,那就太棒了:1.14.209  -  201907-steemfest。 Bitshares SteemFest赞助。


SteemFest工作人员每天支付3756 BTS,如果支付窗口再次打开,则只能获得约40-50K人民币。


请注意,所需资金已部分收集。这是在筹集400K退款之前。 Bitshares徽标已经出现在SteemFest网站上,赞助商已经公布。






ID:1.14.209  -  201907-steemfest


Dear Chinese BTS stakeholders,

with utmost respect I ask your attention to consider your vote for 1.14.209 - SteemFest Bitshares Sponsorship.

it would be great if you would consider your vote for the left-over payment time for worker-proposal-id: 1.14.209 - 201907-steemfest. Bitshares SteemFest sponsorship.

SteemFest is the graphene community event drawing a mix of developers and onboarding "normal people" into cryptocurrency. Because there are so many similarities between Steem and Bitshares it is an easy goal to convert and promote our chain.

The SteemFest worker pays 3756 BTS per day and will receive only about 40-50K CNY should the payment window open again.

The funds will be used to heavily promote Bitshares under SteemFest attendees and guarantees a Bitshares presentation at the event.

Please note that the needed funds have been partially collected. This was before the raising of the 400K-refund. Bitshares logo was already present on SteemFest website and the sponsorship had been announced.

To save the Bitshares-chain, the SteemFest organization is not making a public announcement out of this sudden cancellation. But it does hurt the event funding directly. With a non-profit event, the budget is very tight and any cancellations like this is a serious loss.

Info: SteemFest only requests 3% of the funding of for example the Mobile App or other event partnerships worker-proposals.

SteemFest organisation counts on the Bitshares funding as it was properly voted in prior to the austerity measures. This is a change for Bitshares to shine!

Thank you for your considering,


ID: 1.14.209 - 201907-steemfest