Author Topic: how to judge the result of a poll worker?  (Read 4166 times)

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Re: how to judge the result of a poll worker?
« Reply #15 on: October 09, 2019, 04:51:32 am »
After price recovery, I no longer support gs, bsip76. Without  bitcny, I couldn't find any reason to support it.

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Re: how to judge the result of a poll worker?
« Reply #16 on: October 09, 2019, 05:12:35 pm »
Write a BSIP.

Frankly "what you think" is irrelevant.  This project is based on a consistent process to draft, define, evaluate and implement change. In the case of BSIP76 the definition phase was not completed. The fraudulent actions of an individual actor to circumvent the accepted process has undermined this project's legitimacy.

Write a BSIP.

Would you consider the fraudulent actions of said individual actor to have constituted economic terrorism?

The term economic terrorism or financial terrorism is strictly defined to indicate an attempt at economic destabilization by a group. Economic terrorism is defined in the following terms:

Contrary to "economic warfare" which is undertaken by states against other states, "economic terrorism" would be undertaken by transnational or non-state actors. This could entail varied, coordinated and sophisticated or massive destabilizing actions in order to disrupt the economic and financial stability of a state, a group of states or a society (such as market oriented western societies or economies) or a trading exchange for ideological, monetary or religious motives.

These actions, if undertaken, may be violent or not. They could have either immediate effects or carry psychological effects which in turn have economic consequences.
Comparing the above Wikipedia definition to the fraudulent action:
  • Economic destabilization? bitCNY & bitUSD are now fed fake feeds, they're no longer stablecoins (destabilized). ✔
  • Transnational or non-state actors? ✔
  • Varied? Multiple bitassets targeted, unknown intimidation/coercion methods. ~
  • Coordinated? Intimidation/coercion of multiple targets requires coordination, especially for them to act prior to any BSIP activating. ✔
  • Sophisticated? Not really ❌
  • Disrupted the economic and financial stability of a trading exchange for monetary & idealogical motives? ✔
  • Psychological effects? Contradicts years of marketing, most MPA documentation & even the asset details. ✔
  • Economic consequences? A lack of global settlement under global settlement conditions, bitassets worth less than reference feed price, decrease in BTS value. ✔