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Google Hangout for all Social Consensus-Honoring DACs
« on: February 17, 2014, 01:01:17 pm »
I am currently in the planning stages of building a community Hangout for all Social Consensus Honoring "DACs" and their key community members.  My current plans are finalized (though never completely set in stone if a better idea arises).  The primary plan is to Interview Developers of DACs that honor the social consensus model and of DAC utilities (such as Dark Wallet, Electrum...etc) who provide infrastructure for the community. 

Secondary plans are to enable community members to forego advertisements (for my own personal gain) to post their own work (along with their wallet Barcode) for display on the show for tips from the community, enable community members to post their own bounties with contact information, during and before, and to enable users to submit questions for popular Developers and vote on which ones will be asked in the forums. 

It will be a Google Hangout with Chat enabled, but only with video and audio for the guests and hosts.  It will last approximately 2 hours.  The first hour will be a "hangout" period, during which I will cycle through a number of advertisements that the community creates and will attempt to answer questions in chat...along with the potential of drawing especially pertinent questions from there as well. 

Of course I will have my own questions if need be, but I hope those of you who are interested in participating (MMC community deserves this opportunity for honoring the social consensus) will gain primarily insight from you...the community. 

Please visit the provided link to give me your opinions, to vote it up (or down) and to hopefully contribute a potential name to the pot.  We will likely vote on the name as well.

My sole intent on this is to help people understand the power of directing the "force" that is our community and allowing it to guide us with its invisible hand.  As such I will remain Pseudonymous and generally out of "view".  I will only ask questions and will attempt to make this hangout a "Tabula Rasa" only to be colored by the hands of community. 

(P.S.  If you would like to hear from MMC's Dev's, please let them know about it.  Their fame among in the crypto-space will only help your bottom line)
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