Author Topic: 12 BitShares Improvement Proposals (BSIP) Ready for Community Voting  (Read 2016 times)

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The following BitShares Improvement Proposals (BSIP) are ready for Community voting as announced by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation. Please review these proposals (they all come with a short summary) and make a decision on each of them if you support that particular change. A few of them have a Chinese language interpretation of the proposed changes denoted with (CN).

BSIP 73 (CN): Match force-settlement orders with margin calls and limit orders
BSIP 72 (CN): Tanks and Taps: A General Solution for Smart Contract Asset Handling
BSIP 70 (CN): Peer-to-Peer Leveraged Trading
BSIP 69: Additional Assert Predicates
BSIP 64 (CN): Optional HTLC preimage length, HASH160 addition, and memo field
BSIP 62: Close margin position
BSIP 61: Operation to Update Limit Orders
BSIP 57: Managed Vesting Balances
BSIP 47: Vote Proxies for Different Referendum Categories and explicit voting operation
BSIP 45: Add BitAsset as Backing Collateral flag/permission
BSIP 39: Automatically approve proposals by the proposer
BSIP 22: Vote Decay for Witnesses, Committee members & Proxies

The BSIP Review Team advances completed drafts to the Community for voting. Many additional BSIPs are currently in review. Please participate in their discussion within the BSIP GitHub Repository.
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