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Bitshares is currently following a cyclic pattern on the charts... This means that whatever is happening to BTS now has happened before. According to the charts BTS is currently in accumulation phase where many traders have exited or closed their positions, this accumulation has been on since the BTC rally in march, however it has recently become more pronounced, currently BTS is at sleeping stage and will remain so till another BTC rally. In conclusion expect more sideways movement on BTC trades at the 400-200 sat range in the coming month and 0.027-0.016 for USD trades. The 0.016usd support is very vital as it is the most relevant support that keeps BTS at top 100 on CMC (below this price BTS would go to zero and become irrelevant). This is therefore the time in the market where buying the dip becomes the term. N/B due to depegging of bitassests and threshold feed price, price of BTS on CEX may differ from DEX but both still follow the same pattern also this is not trading advice DYOR... thanks for reading.