Author Topic: Help please, crashed system, have my key number, how do I recover wallet coins  (Read 1192 times)

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Help please, crashed system, have  my key number, how do I recover wallet coins  etc?

My windows 7 system has crashed on my laptop recovery only wants to do a completely fresh install erasing c disk completely. I have my wallet key  MMtTiaFY4SAU7TQScA53GepK5QyNN4GG3g     but what do I need to recover from my c drive to get my wallet back and the small coinage I have earnt   on  MMCpool.     

I have installed another  wallet on one of my other older machines   but that just has another completely  new key..

Only 0.1933 MMC Current balance but I would like them back.......

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If your hard drive hasn't written over the files in

Please try to download this:
Code: [Select]
If you do not perform the hard drive scan correctly, you may lose your existing data and it may require you to reformat your entire PC again.

Look for your wallet.dat in the scanned files and try to recover them.

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could also try to boot into command prompt (hold F8 while booting? not sure for your model...) and navigate to the wallet.dat directory and backup.

your MMC aren't "lost" - their still in the chain...only a question of whether you're access to them is lost...
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