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Claymore’s Miner Manager - Monitoring and managing mining by rigs

Certainly some of you do not know that the Claymore miners, currently popular with the miners, such as the Claymore Zcash AMD GPU miner and the Claymore Dual miner, include the very handy Ethman Remote manager utility, which allows you to centrally control and monitor the rigs that are running miners from Claymore on the local network. In this article I will explain how to configure monitoring rigs using the Ethman Remote manager using the example of the Claymore Zcash AMD GPU miner.

So, if you have not installed the latest version of the miner from Claymore, then download and install it. Currently, the most profitable mining algorithm for mining is EquiHash, which produces such altcoins as Zcash (ZEC) and Zcash Classic (ZCL). Therefore, I give a link by which you can download the miner from Claymore for this particular algorithm. Download the latest version of the miner for this link. At the time of this writing, this is version v15.0

Download miner:

Claymore's Dual Miner Manager v.15.0  -!RGRyVIxZ!fz32QXqGIX1T_ZQMk9X7_Q

Claymore's Miner Manager main features:
Monitoring rigs parameters that are in the local network.
Editing miner configs.
Restart miners.
Setting the sound alert when stopping the mining process.
Automatic launch of a .bat file when stopping the mining process.

Now let's proceed directly to setting up the application for monitoring miners from Claymore
We launch the miner from Claymore with the help of the .bat file, which contains your settings for mining.
Go to the folder "Remote manager", which is located in the folder with the Claymore miner and run the program "EthMan.exe".
If your miner is running on the same computer as EthMan, then to add your mining rig to the program, simply click the "Add Miner" button, then enter the name of the rig, enter in the IP address field, and enter in the Port input field: 3333, then click on OK.
Now, in the monitoring window, you can see all the main indicators that are transmitted by the miner to the EthMan program via the JSON API in real time: Name of the rig, IP and port, time of the miner, current hashrayt, temperature of all GPUs and fan rotation speed, mining pool, miner version.
If the miner is running on the computer on which you run the program for monitoring EthMan, then instead of IP you should enter the IP address of your rig in the local network. (e.g. or other).
In addition, you can change the port number of the miner to get statistics. To do this, in the .bat file of your miner simply add the additional parameter "-mport new port number", for example, "-mport 3444". And when adding a barn to the monitoring program, do not forget to specify this particular port later.
In order for the miner to give correct results, in the "Options" tab of the Claymore's Miner Manager specify the Main Coin Name: Zcash, Second Coin Name: -, Speed units: KH / s. Then click "Save Settings".
By default, the monitoring program on the 8000 port has an http web server installed, with which you can monitor the statistics of your rigs directly through the browser. To do this, simply enter in the address bar of your browser. the port can be changed in the settings of the monitoring program.


• Claymore's miner 15.0 support
• Phoenix miner 4.7 c+support
• Ethminer +Support
• Support Cast XMR +
• Dstm v0 support.5.4+
• Support EWBF b+
• XMR-Stak support
• Srbminer 1.8.2+Support
• Support For XMRig +
• Support For Bminer +
• Support for ccminer +
• Z-enemy 1.12+support
• Support JCE Cryptonote +
• Support T-Rex +
• Detailed statistics for each GPU miner
• Remote control for Claymore miner
• Alert if miner is offline
• Low hashrate alert
• Alarm at high temperature GPU
• Easy setup - one IP address for all miners
• DNS name support
• View miner with password (in the miner is set by the-mpsw parameter)
• Conversion of Hasrat
• View miner console
• Simple and user-friendly interface