Author Topic: XMR-STAK-RX - Free RandomX miner v1.0.1 (0% dev fee)  (Read 1348 times)

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Free RandomX miner v1.0.0 (0% dev fee) for RandomX algorithm family

Currently supported: randomx, randomx_loki, randomx_wow for CPU / AMD / Nvidia with built-in auto switcher to switch on RX on monero fork.

Release link:!9fhFzIzB!wNUEb4wrQ0yDzsf8xCr67A


1. I appreciate your efforts in providing us a good mining software like XMR-STAK-RX for free. I'm currently mining Loki (Randomx) and it is working really good, I'm getting far better results with XMR-STAK-RX as compare to other mining software.
Keep up the good work.

2. recent comparision:
xmr-rig-b (5.0.3) - 525 h/core
xmr-stak (1.0.1) - 450 h/core
keep trying to improve, RyoCurrency

Bugfix and minor update of Xmr-Stak-RX free RandomX miner.

- Correct authors of RandomX mining code #2551
- fix hwloc warning #2556
- fix ignored tls on first start #2558
- fix miner benchmark mode #2561
- NVIDIA: fix auto adjustment #2567

Pre-fork instructions
... helps to switch from Monero cryptonight_r to randomX automatically during the fork.
rx-switcher is killing all xmr-stak instances on your system and starts automatically xmr-stak-rx as soon as the Monero network is forking to the POW randomX.
ATTENTION: If you are using xmr-stak instances to mine other coins those instances will be closed too.

This is what you must do:

unzip the pre-compiled binaries into a new folder (do not reuse your old xmr-stak folders)
keep your old version of xmr-stak running on Monero
copy the files config.txt and pools.txt from 2. to the folder from 1. where rx-switcher and xmr-stak-rx is located
change the currency in pools.txt to "currency" : "randomx",
do NOT copy cpu.txt, nvidia.tx or amd.txt, due to new memory requirements for randomX you must generate new config files to avoid that the miner crashes on the first start.
run rx-switcher
as soon as the Monero network is forking xmr-stak will be stopped and xmr-stak-rx will automatically start
after the network forked we suggest to start xmr-stak-rx directly and not use `rx-switcher anymore
If you do not like to mine Monero/RandomX after the fork with your GPU start xmr-stak-rx once before the fork and let the miner create the amd.txt and/or nvidia.txt configurations. Edit both files and set "gpu_threads_conf" : [ ], to disable the gpus.

Necessary prerequisites for Windows
If the application does not start properly, please make sure that Visual Studio libraries are installed.

Anti-virus detection
All miners are detected as viruses. Please add the binary as an exception.