Author Topic: Dear BTS... BSIPs that should be active...  (Read 1006 times)

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Dear BTS... BSIPs that should be active...
« on: December 13, 2019, 11:55:11 pm »
There is need to vote for BSIP 70, 61, and 62 as well as the bitshares ui worker since BTS is primarily a DEX these proposals are very important to implement especially with the current economic situation of BTS.
BSIP 70 will open the leverage trading options where a trader can trade with more profit potential than his capital, currently margin trade is only possible with the smartcoins and the leverage is only as high as his initial capital these coins also have no option of being lent by asset owners,but with this worker the demand for smartcoin ownership will increase as asset owners would also have the option of lending and leverage would be higher as traders will have the opportunity of pulling multiple funds per trade increasing his chances for huge profits on his little capital, than with the current system.
BSIP 61 will enable traders to easily adjust their limit orders at lower fees than currently and this will give added incentive to trade on the DEX due to the Dynamics of the update worker as market markers will become cheaper to maintain, and thus more liquidity for the DEX.
BSIP 62 will allow debtors to close their margin positions before the debt is margin called... In other words cut their losses more quickly. With this worker debtors will have more confidence to borrow with the  assurance of a stop loss mechanism, where their risk exposure can be controlled.
Finally the BTS user interface is still highly unfriendly to novice traders, there is need to keep the UI worker alive in order to improve the security and user appeal of DEX interface, this will attract more users to the DEX who are assured of a safe and pleasant trading experience, currently non of these workers have received the needed votes to become active, hopefully this changes soon...

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Re: Dear BTS... BSIPs that should be active...
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2019, 06:34:44 pm »
I agree, we have here a good overview of BSIPs:
Be part of the change and vote for the bitshares-vision proxy!