Author Topic: [ANN] confirmed to list OBITS ERC20 version on January 3, 2020. HNY  (Read 1098 times)

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Breaking News: Sinapore blockchain asset exchange confirmed to list #OBITS ERC20 gateway as mentioned here initially

BitSG is the leading blockchain service provider in Singapore since 2017, assistance more than 300 projects start up and raise funds. as new blockchain assets exchange was invested by Node Capital, we are aim to list the most valuable projects and contribute true value to every customers.

BitSG exchange website:

BitSG registration linkļ¼š

Read more about how to obtain the #SaaS based Vimples below retail price to buy Lifetime #Membership #Subscription using BitShares based OBITS on the following link

Updates and added information

We have extended opportunity to upgrade to Lifetime Membership to end of January 2020 on the worlds first blockchain with compliance by default using OBITS. Please have a look at our introduction connecting OBITS with VPLedger on

The connection with VPLedger means basically that when buying Vimples on VPLedger with OBITS you buy 1:1 even though retail price in 2020 for Vimples are 1 EUR.

OBITS reduced supply in future: Only 14 497 286 OBITS available, and any OBITS used to buy Vimples from January 1st 2020, will be burned and forever removed from circulating/total supply.

Cannot wait to have OBITS introduced to the first serious exchange like on January 3rd, 2020 Happy New Year

Media writing about VPLedger, OBITS and eDEV

On Medium VPLedger handle plenty more and very well written content articles about VPLedger:

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