Author Topic: BTS TA for 12TH JAN  (Read 542 times)

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« on: January 12, 2020, 12:19:36 pm »
Since last month BTS has dropped 14% to 0.016USD, It also dropped to a low of 0.014USD. It has risen by 13% since the last low.
BTS will need to close above 0.019USD Which is the current weekly EMA in order to confirm its change of Fortune, a failure may see a sharp drop back to 0.013USD or 0.008USD for worst case scenario, hopefully BTS has truly turned a corner.
Unfortunately Price will also be affected by the price of BTC in the coming days as BTC is currently the most liquid market on the DEX, and also the most dominant crypto, if Bitcoin falls in price the BTS may suffer, a rise or range in price for BTC might improve BTS.
Another factor is worker proposals currently there are no workers running except for refund workers, there fears that a vote for workers would negatively affect BTS price, also bitUSD and bitCNY have not yet restored their pegs, it will be interesting to see how prices react if they are restored, we can also see that the market marker contest also brought some positive results in price, hopefully there will be more positive results in the coming months for BTS.
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