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Zilliqa has developed a new way of mining compared to regular methods we all know of. POW is every 2-3 hours. That's right 2-3 hours. In that POW time, your miners only mine for 1 minute. I kid you not. This is to help the planet go green with mining but I am greedy and would like to use all the rest of time to mine something.

Dual Mining Zilliqa
Zilliqa miner already has a function to allow dual mining. For Zilliqa, dual mining is Mining on own coin (eth, jesus coin, grin, etc) while waiting for POW for Zilliqa. When POW is close, zilminer will stop your mining operations of eth (or any other coin you are mining) and begin to mine Zilliqa for one minute. After the minute has passed, it continues to mine your eth.


Although dual mining Zilliqa is great, it never works out the way you expect. Unexpected issues like zilminer crashing, your eth miner crashing, heck your pc crashing have been an issue from day one. Read Solution below.

Introducing Zilliqa-Switcher

Instead of your miners crashing, I offer you a solution to mine any other coin with any other miner while still making it in time to mine Zilliqa. This is a work in progress but it works well.

Download Link!xbohTApQ!_xjxdb4dnYnEV1g2opMS0A


Miner Numbers :
Custom Scripts = 0
Phoenix Miner = 1
Claymore = 2
SRBMiner = 3
SGMiner = 4
BMiner = 5
Gminer = 6
NiceHashMinerLegacy = 7
CCMiner = 8
TT-Miner = 9
ewbf_144 = 10
NBminer = 11
Team Red Miner = 12
Xmr-Stak = 13
MinerStat = 14 (and other miner. Eg. MinerStat + Claymore = 142, MinerStat + Phoenix = 141)
LoLMiner = 15
NiceHash Miner = 16
T-Rex = 17
SeroMiner = 18

Command Line

-m or --miner This is required to let the script miner you would like to dual mine Zilliqa with. Below are the parameters to choose from. Example, -m 15 uses LolMiner + Zil.

Custom Script = 0 ,Phoenix Miner = 1 Claymore = 2, SRBMiner = 3, SGMiner = 4, BMiner = 5, GMiner = 6, NiceHash Miner Legacy = 7, CCMiner = 8, TT-Miner = 9, ewbf_144 = 10, NBminer = 11, Team Red Miner = 12, Xmr-Stak = 13, MinerStat = 14, LolMiner = 15, NiceHash Miner = 16, T-Rex = 17, SeroMiner = 18

-r or --run This is required to start your Miner (chosen with -m). Not required for custom scripts option. Either use an exe or bat. Example -r PhoenixMiner.exe or -r start.bat

-a or --address This is required to mine Zilliqa to your correct address. New or old format works. Example -a 0xe511b07b68681d4501665De40cf6A734f05da94f

-w or --worker This is your miner name for mining Zilliqa. This is optional. If left empty, it uses your PC Name

Custom Script Explanation

This is for users that would like to use their own scripts to open and close their miner of choice.

-r or --run Is not to be used for this.

-s or --start Used to stop your miner. This should be a bat file. Example -s stop.bat

-e or --end Used to start your miner. Example -e ewbf_144.exe or --end start.bat

But... I used the old format to run this script

We have you covered, we have added backward compatibility. When you update to the newest version, you old scripts should work (PM @kidkid1 if you have issues or PM me here)


Example #1: zil_switcher.exe -m 1 -r miner.bat -a 0xe511b07b68681d4501665De40cf6A734f05da94f

Example #2: zil_switcher.exe -m 2 EthDcrMiner64.exe -a zil1u5gmq7mgdqw52qtxthjqea48xnc9m22067k4gf

Example #3: zil_switcher.exe -m 2 EthDcrMiner64.exe -a zil1u5gmq7mgdqw52qtxthjqea48xnc9m22067k4gf -w miner1

Example #4: zil_switcher.exe -m 1 -r start.bat -a 0xe511b07b68681d4501665De40cf6A734f05da94f -w win_miner

Example #5: zil_switcher.exe -m 0 -a 0xe511b07b68681d4501665De40cf6A734f05da94f -s stop.bat -e start.bat

Run outside of Command Line

Download Zilminer, Download your other miner (let's say Claymore), Download Zilliqa-Switcher
Extract all files from all three downloaded packages in the same folder.
Optional: Create an eth.bat script if you need to.
Run Zilliqa-Switcher
First option, choose your miner
Second option, choose how you run your miner, either using only exe or using a bat file (created in step 3)
Third option if you chose bat file, enter the name of the bat file, (eth.bat , grin.bat)
Forth option, enter your Zilliqa Address. This can be the old formart Zil address or New Format Zil Address
That's it [​IMG]

For Awesome Miner

First, be sure that API is activated in Awesomeminer.

Zil_Switcher start commandline:

Zil_Switcher.exe -m 0 --wallet ******** --worker ****** -s stop.bat -e start.bat

Wallet and Worker not really needed, but you need it that the Zilswitcher start.

Now the 2 scripts to stop the main miner and start the Zilminer


curl -i -d POST http://[IP_AWESOMEMINER_MAIN_PC]:17790/api/miners/[MINERID]?action=stop #stop main miner in Awesomeminer(miniZ,Gminer,lolminer etc)

curl -i -d POST http://[IP_AWESOMEMINER_MAIN_PC]:17790/api/miners/[MINERID]?action=start #start zilliqa miner in Awesomeminer


curl -i -d POST http://[IP_AWESOMEMINER_MAIN_PC]:17790/api/miners/[MINERID]?action=stop #stop zilliqa miner in Awesomeminer

curl -i -d POST http://[IP_AWESOMEMINER_MAIN_PC]:17790/api/miners/[MINERID]?action=start #start main miner in Awesomeminer(miniZ,Gminer,lolminer etc)

MinerID can found in Awesomeminer summary tab


start.bat curl -i -d POST curl -i -d POST

stop.bat curl -i -d POST curl -i -d POST

Another way where you only need one miner in Awesomemine, is to change the template via API. If needed i make a documentation.

I am sure, now there are so many ways. Find your own way or ask me [​IMG]

If your windows doesn´t have curl, then you find it online as portable version.


All versions are tested for 24 hours before release.


I use HIVE OS.

My Command Prompt screen no longer crashed/stopped doing anything.

This is an issue with Command Prompt. Right click at the top of the command prompt, choose Properties, Disable Quick Edit. To permanently fix this, choose Default instead of Properties then Disable Quick Edit.

My miner is not on the list.
This project is a work in progress. If you do not see your miner of choice, please create an issue here and I will quickly add support for it.

Are there any fees to use this?
There are no fees attached.

Can I donate?

ETH: 0x374817E3F8adDBa6A03B7872f7CBeD0ce8C6AE8E
ZIL: 0xe511b07b68681d4501665De40cf6A734f05da94f


Changes in version:

v1.1.1 December 7.2019

Added support for SeroMiner

v1.1.0 December 2.2019

Added Logging

v1.0.7 November 22.2019

Fixed bug that would stop program over a long period of time.

v1.0.6 October 27.2019

Bug Fixes
Removed -coin from config file

v1 October 22.2019

New command line options
Backward Compatibility with older options
Fixes to stopping miners
Added Custom Script option September 20.2019

Minor Fixes September 07.2019

Added T-Rex Miner
Minor Fixes August 16.2019

Major Bug Fixes
Better POW Checks August 13.2019

Upgrade Stratum Version.
Added Sooner DAG Creation August 02.2019

Change Stratum Version.
Facilitates how long Claymore Miner takes to start.

0.9.1 July 30.2019

Upgraded to Stratum Basic and added better timings.

0.9 July 26.2019

More retry times to find miner process.
Users have said that there should be retries to find process if process is slow.

0.8.3 July 18.2019

Zilliqa Blocktime has changed. I have made a fix to permanently solve this issue. No matter what Zilliqa does with the blocktime, the script should function properly..

0.8.2 July 16.2019

Fixed Pow Timings.

0.8.0 July 14.2019

Added Support to use MinerStat (Please see instructions above to use properly)
Added Support to use LOLMiner
Claymore and Phoenix now uses your config.txt
Fixes for CCminer

0.7.0 July 11.2019

Added Support to use Claymore Miner to Mine Zilliqa

0.6.0 July 2.2019

Added Support to use Phoenix Miner to Mine Zilliqa
Added more Files in package for newer users

0.5.4 Jun 30.2019

Minor Fixes

0.5 Jun 26.2019

Added NiceHashMinerLegacy, CCminer, TT-Miner, ewbf_144, NBminer, Team Red Miner, Xmr-Stak Jun 24.2019

Minor Fix

0.4.4 Jun 24.2019

Optimized Timings for POW
Report Hashrate by default

0.4.3 Jun 23.2019

Minor Fixes
More Information Shown in Command Screen and Better Error handling

0.4.2 Jun 22.2019

Minor Fixes

0.4.1 Jun 20.2019

Added Option to name your miner in Command Line

0.4 Jun.20.2019

Added GMiner Support
Added Command Line Version

0.3 Jun.18.2019

Minor Fix to API Connection

0.2 Jun.17.2019

Added support for Bminer and Sgminer
Better communication to Zilliqa API
Fix minor issues