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EWBF Cuda Equihash Miner v0.6

It is based on my last Zcash miner and almost completely repeats it.
Now closer to the topic:
* Parameter "solver" is disabled.
* Solver for equihash 200,9 has been deleted.
* Solvers for Equihash 192,7, 144,5, 96,5 and 210,9 has been added
* Added timestamps in the output to the screen and to the log file.
* Argument --algo is added, allow you to select Equihash variant allowed values 144_5, 192_7, 96_5, 210_9, zhash, aion. This parameter is mandatory.
* Argument --pers is added, allow you to set personalization string (8 charachters) for equihash algorithm. This parameter is optional. Equihash by default uses the string "ZcashPoW", many other coins also use this string, but not all, some coins use their own string, and these are all differences, so for some coins, you need to set the --pers option to the required string, for example, Zero coin: uses the string "ZERO_PoW" and for mining this coin you need to pass arguments --algo 192_7 --pers ZERO_PoW ....
Fee is presented and by default 2%, argument --fee is presented too.

* Fixed situation where the api socket did not close during the exit..
* Increased time-outs during stratum authorization and subscription.
* 144_5, 192_7, 96_5 now faster.
* 144_5 now uses less vram, ~1.63GB (This should be useful for 2GB cards).

* 96_5 fixed the problem with cropped performance on fast (1080ti, Titan) gpu.
* 144_5 Speed up by 3-15% depends on the hardware.
* 210_9 Speed up by 2%.
* 210_9 Fixed "low difficulty shares" problem, on Aion pools.
* 210_9 can now be used via --algo 210_9, I recommend using --algo aion for Aion mining, this will help you avoid problems with the wrong personalization string.
* Added option --intensity, this option will not increase performance, only slightly reduce the gpu usage, if you set it to 1. Works like --cuda_devices argument,
for example: --intensity 64 64 1 64 64 will apply the intensity 1 to the device with id 2.
Special features (These features are added for specific projects,do not use these parameters on conventional pools):
* Added option --pers auto, Allow the pool to manage the personalization string. (Profit switching). (
* Added option --algo 144_5_EXCC_D For ExchangeCoin.

Known issues (mostly will be fixed)
* Equihash 96_5 Can be slower in cuda 8 versions.
* Performance counters may display an incorrect speed during reconnection.

Expected performance:

96_5 uses ~1.6GB vram
1050ti ~7.8 KS/s
1060 ~14 KS/s
1070 ~20 KS/s
1080 ~25 KS/s
1080ti ~37 KS/s

192_7 uses ~2.5GB vram
1050ti ~8 S/s
1060 ~15 S/s
1070 ~22 S/s
1080 ~24 S/s
1080ti ~35 S/s

144_5 uses ~1.63GB vram
1050ti ~18 S/s
1060 ~30 S/s
1070 ~45 S/s
1080 ~50 S/s
1080ti ~75 S/s

210_9(aion) uses 1.2G vram
1050ti ~75 S/s
1060 ~130 S/s
1070 ~190 S/s
1080 ~210 S/s
1080ti ~320 S/s

Please note, that this is initial release, and it can be baggy or incompatible with many coins or pools.
Miner compiled with cuda 9.1 and cuda 8.0 for x64 linux and windows. Support devices with compute capability 5.0 and higher.


Usage examples (batch files):
Basic Example:

miner --algo 144_5 --server SERVER_ADDR --port PORT --user USER --pass PASSWORD

Failover pools up to 8 pools:

miner --algo 144_5 --server SERV1 --port PORT1 --user USER1 --pass PASS1 --server SERV2 --port PORT2 --user USER2 --pass PASS2