Author Topic: BTS TA for 12TH FEBRUARY  (Read 721 times)

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Bitshares price has risen by over 120% since last month ranging between 0.016USD to 0.037USD currently following an impressive recovery from the harsh downtrend of last year, much of this rise is due to bitcoin's price. Currently we have two strong resistance levels at 0.04USD and 0.05USD, and bitshares is trending sideways between 0.04USD - 0.03USD, hopefully it maintains momentum to push up above 0.05USD in the coming month, to sustain the current rally.
Meanwhile I will touch on some positive news that might have led to the recent rally...
1. Bitshares trademark in Europe; this news came during the pump of BTS from 0.016USD to 0.04USD, the trademark is part of an effort by a non profit institute from Slovenia to make bitshares a recognized financial entity. There's ongoing work to make it global.
2. BTS listing on new exchanges, recently BTS has gathered a lot of interest from CEX exchanges, with the backing of these exchanges with promotional funds there is  now more liquidity for BTS especially now that BTS gateways are becoming unreliable.