Author Topic: [Committee Member] - proposal of "btsai" to join the bitshares committee/理事会申请  (Read 5363 times)

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Hey, how are things going?

Can you please fix or fully open source it if you're unable to anymore?


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As jademont is one member of CN-VOTE.

Please explain if  “btsai”  is one member of CN-VOTE?

If "btsai" is one member of CN-VOTE too, so we have four COMMITTEES come from CN-VOTE.

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Committee Account :  btsai ,  Please vote for us .


  • Block explorer : was built at 2017 for helping bts listed on Binance. We made  a continuous maintenance and  had a new major revision. Now have  a average of 600+ UV , 3000+ pv  , and  hundreds of thousands API calls .

    Feedback (en) :
    Feedback (zh) : 
  • Chinese Commutiy Forum for Bitshares :
    Bitsharestalk have stopped registration , and can not be accessed  easily for some reasons. There are many topics inn Chinese wechat group .  Everyone chats in full swing, but there are many repetitions . It would be great if the content could settle down . Now has achieved initial results, but still has a long way to go.

    Wechat mini program :  search "dpos club" in wechat
  • Data soluation worker
    We used to propose a worker to help to build data structured, flexible API and fast-built method .  A lot of time was spent to make preliminary research , but it did not be passed .

I will support and promote the following works as a standby committee:

  • Bitshares , as a dex, need profit !  Profit is the top priority for bitshares now . All subsequent work must develop towards this goal. No-profit is the root of all problems. In principle, I will support things that helps bitshaers make more money .
  • Help to make a  standardizing worker . Promote the orderly development, supervision and implementation of Workers at the right time , when users can accept and restart worker. Solve the problems that users need to solve urgently.
  • More tools and More transparent data. team has always been committed to data transparency. In the long run, data transparency can promote bitshares' fairness. Compared with other mature projects, the tools of bts are not enough. At the right time, more tools should be launched to help the improvement of bts.
  • Make stable Infrastructure. Bitshares already have a worker to build infrastructure such as :API and ES endpoint. We hope to push the Chinese  bitshares infrastructure further.  Use a small  expense in exchange for the improvement of the experience.Make the work easy by open-source deployment scripts, supporting rapid builds, etc.
  • Promote the debriefing report of the Committee and Witness. This may be difficult to achieve in the short term, but the right direction derserve the effort.
If you agree with the above ideas and work direction, support btsai to become a active Committee. Or proxy the ticket to btsai, thanks for your support !

I will continue to update the work progress report in this post.

2020-8-26 ,  Execute proposal 1.14.268, 1.14.270, 1.14.272 :  make proposal to set CNY&USD&EUR FSFP to 1% to  increse system profit . 4.0 New features
2020-9-08,     Execute proposal  1.14.282, 1.14.283,1.14.288 :  make proposal  to set CNY&USD&EUR MCFR to 1% to increse system profit . 4.0 New featues

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We are  team
Witness:  witness.hiblockchain
Standby Committee: btsai