Author Topic: [Poll] BAIP2: Reform on bitEUR feed price mechanism  (Read 3828 times)

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Re: [Poll] BAIP2: Reform on bitEUR feed price mechanism
« Reply #45 on: April 21, 2020, 07:58:45 pm »
I guess you discredited your ability to preview market with this statement already

step 1) that Chinese have X amount of weeks to move/close their positions to CNY under the current fixed feeds.
I won't put your quotes from tg which are even more funny.

P.S. Yes Thule, on behalf of the West.
You trying to discredit me all the time on TG..Nothing new that BEOS,you and some chinese who do inside deals are trying everything now to discredit me.It's also funny it's always you running away when western community starts questioning your actions together with BEOS when trying to discredit me.So how come you claim you ask in the name of Western when you are always running away from them ?
But remember even i lose voting power it won't change anything.I raised my voice before and will continue to do it even with 1 bts voting power.
Many chinese members from CN-Vote are already starting questioning the voting decissions for your worker.
I can understand you guys don't like me to talk to them asking for a reason to support your worker or BEOS where they have no clear answer and ask in cn-votes group chat for reasoning.It must be a big pain.

Here a nice conversation with the creator of CN-Cote

bitProfessor, [17.04.20 11:16]
I don't know the current situation of CN-vote
bitProfessor, [17.04.20 11:18]
But I'm not surprised that CN-vote and beos destroyed bithares one day
bitProfessor, [17.04.20 11:19]
What did they do?
Thule the Moaning father, [17.04.20 11:19]
making inside deals with beos
bitProfessor, [17.04.20 11:19]

I voted ZAVOD as I have discussed a lot with DL, I feel the proposal is feasible, and it cost less.
So you voted for a legal represantative mainly for foreigners based on a talk with one guy .......
Did you checked the country where the represantative will be located ?It's local rules ?Legal Security ?Corruption ?enforcment power ?
Am asking because it seems you don't know Slovenia and that's why i asked ironicly the question why didn't you open your crypto company in mongolia.

You are 100% correct, and thanks for support - unfortunately we are far from agreement on general consensus as you see.

Now this is the tricky part: Stablecoin as represents peg/equivalent to its fiat brother (in terms of legal definitions around globe) and is backed by collateral (in our case BTS on-chain); -> To maintain legal around currency with no owner (apart from current committee members), we have to:

Why don't you post your statements public but only in closed chats ?
Did foreign community agreed on your centralization dictatur crap ?You run away as always ?
Come on at least post your position very clear what it means for bitshares having you as legal.
Tell openly how you plan to centralize everything ,call people who don't like kyc idiots,how you want to enforce staff on business etc ?Why do you talk about it only behind closed doors ?
How many people have you already threatened to sue or kick out of bitshares as Brand owner ?(also for their voting behavior only) .
What did you requested to social media accounts holders ?To get your approvement if they are allowed to use social media accounts about bitshares ?
You going to dictate who is allowed to promote bitshares and who not ?
Based on what ?
You clearly are mentally not able to hold such a positon with your permanent threats and abuse.

I'll give you reply to that. We all forgotten Thul3 was not b-dex when he arrived but thul369 and his activity is this:

BitUSD Debt Position with very nasty CR according to fixed price feeds (which he is so against right ?)
Selling BTS for OBITS
Trading BTS against OPEN.ETH which is dead market

and yeah, holding OPEN.BTC that doesn't work. Can we pass and just start ignoring him completely ? Maybe Alt will realize sooner or later he just had wrong pick.

You are just discrediting yourself more and more.
First of all i stated it already multiple times even years ago that i hold majority of my funds on huobi.Now more than ever because i'm a trader and you can't trade bts very activly on dex with current price feed threshold.
I stated also before that i won't put myself major coins to dex because i don't trust gateways and that's why i support ibc like majority of foreigners which you claim to represent.
To your accusation of being a bad trader even i recommend people to read your comments about trading i bought OPEN.ETH and OPEN.BTC yesterday.
It's a clear bet that these gateways will open soon as OPEN.USDT have been opened yesterday.
Of course you have no clue about it.
So buying OPEN.ETH for 1/3 of regular price is a small bet i did.
Maybe mention the amount i was willing to risk which was arround 60-70k bts for open.eth and open.btc together.
About Obits price falled from average 1 BTS to 0.1 BTS.
A clear buying opportunity if you think VPLedger will have some kind of success.

So please tell me were with your limited ability to understand trading where did i made a big mistake which would discredit me which you try permantly till today with no luck.

Great, and hope now you feel better once you shared it with us. Now anything topic related or helpful ?

Milos (DL) Preocanin
Owner and manager of
Move Institute - RN: 2098555000
Murska Sobota, Slovenia, SI.

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Re: [Poll] BAIP2: Reform on bitEUR feed price mechanism
« Reply #46 on: April 21, 2020, 08:36:32 pm »
topic related ?

Yes biteur lost over 50% of it's debt holders the last couple of days getting very unattractive with just 14 debt holders in total.
Once BTS price hits cny threshold i bet majority of current biteur debt will try to switch to bitCNY.
« Last Edit: April 21, 2020, 08:40:44 pm by Thul3 »

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Re: [Poll] BAIP2: Reform on bitEUR feed price mechanism
« Reply #47 on: April 21, 2020, 09:55:35 pm »

For the same reasoning, BitUSD has already perfect structure and ownership which presents him as native asset of the blockchain, where any other created MPA afterwards isn't.

Nevermind, solution then is that actually after BTC Halving we remove BSIP76 once BTS goes over 5c. Hopefully it will happen and will pray for it.

The structure of bitasset is not perfect, but let's don't talk it too much, the one who understand it will know the means of the picture which i gave.

As no one can forecast the market, wait for something is too dangerous especially we build a levee(BSIP76) to stop the water so long time.

The main problem of bitusd is too many debtors come from CN-vote, they have too many debts in bitusd, now you want them to go away, i don't think this will get the enough vote.

Want to remove the levee, must lower the water first, now the water control the levee, what we can do first?

Too many erroneous mindsets in BTS community, that make us hard move forward,

Ok, let's focus the topic:
If the feed price need a delay or protection? the answer is yes, every futures contract have the protection in feed price, but none of them delay 48 hours, i had gave a article about that, one hour is the limit, the feed price should follow the real price(ok, there still have a big problem for the real price) in most of the time, and must recover normal in one hours in some extreme cases.
BSIP2 and  BSIP76 failed on these.

I'm tired to explain the feed price, the margin call, the force settlement, the defect in BSIP74 and BSIP62, the meaningless of bsip87, the use of BSIP77, the lending, everyone didn't want be babysat.
The contact time of BTS is only few years for me, maybe they know more much than me, let the time tell.

Ok, back to the point:

Want to remove the levee, must lower the water first, now the water control the levee, what we can do first?

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Re: [Poll] BAIP2: Reform on bitEUR feed price mechanism
« Reply #48 on: April 28, 2020, 06:00:25 am »
we have 4 popular MPA tokens
let the different settings show us what works best

not bad.

maybe we can just let bitEUR be what it was.

lower USD threshold to as equal as CNY threshold(close to 0.0307USD) while BTS price is stably above 0.0345USD.

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Re: [Poll] BAIP2: Reform on bitEUR feed price mechanism
« Reply #49 on: May 24, 2020, 05:04:20 pm »
lower USD threshold

Remove the threshold, provide real price feeds. 2 instances of months long bailouts to the detriment of BTS, bad debtors need to face reality.