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Simple UIA Wallet as PWA
« on: April 20, 2020, 08:50:02 pm »
First sorry for my english
I'm working on a simple UIA wallet as a Progressive WebApp.
Motivation : I wanted to suggest a concept for a free wallet to all UIA issuers without development skills
This wallet is very simple, very simple (bad) design
You can :
- send/receive an UIA
- create account from seed (using configured faucet)
-import account from seed or import wallet from active private key.

Private keys are stored and crypted by the password on the wallet (browser's local storage)

Anybody who create an UIA, can clone the project, edit the file config.ts, putting in the array "walletSymbols" all assets he wants to be able to transfer with its wallet

Code: [Select]
let _blockchains = {
    BTS: {
        walletSymbols: ['BTS','BADCOIN','HONEST.USD','HONEST.CNY','POCKET','USD','OPEN.ETH'],
        coreSymbol: 'BTS',
        name: 'BitShares',
        chainId: '4018d7844c78f6a6c41c6a552b898022310fc5dec06da467ee7905a8dad512c8',
        faucet: {
                url: "", // 2017-12-infrastructure worker proposal
                show: true,
                editable: false,
                referrer: ""

Then the project have to be built and host it on a https server
It's juste a proof of concept, and at the moment I have no time to continue working on it.
It's not very well tested, and nobody made a code review (and it's obviously needed)
A Progressive Webapp is an application that will be installed on the desktop phone just going to the url of the webapp, no need to deploy it on the store, and working on Android and IOS.

I deployed an example for free on Firebase, but it's connected to the main chain, so be very careful if you want to try it, use it with a test account and very little amount

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Re: Simple UIA Wallet as PWA
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2020, 03:25:32 pm »
Wowww!!!!  :o :o

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Re: Simple UIA Wallet as PWA
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2020, 07:03:48 pm »
Great to see some proactive developers for a change. Good job Victor118!
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