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bitCNY is a scamcoin now, be aware that you're participating in a fractional reserve asset based market

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It will no longer work after BSIP74 deployed.
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We have known that long time ago…… ;)

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Dear community.
If you do not like the committee, I offer you a way to buy bitCNY without a commission of 0.1%.
 0.1% does not roll on the road. This method is suitable for you if you do not have debt in bitCNY.
 An example of a purchase will be given on the amount of 2 bitCNY.
Click the BORROW button. Set Ratio 1.6
 In the column DEBT indicate 2 bitCNY. In the collateral column, you will see the collateral amount of 14.54546 BTS.
Delete the last digit 6 and write 5 instead. Press the UPDATE POSITION button.
There will be a deal to buy bitCNY without a 0.1% commission. The deal is displayed in yellow.

Below I publish a video
Some technical points.
Buying in this way is possible only the highest order to sell bitCNY. If you need to buy three orders, the procedure will have to be repeated three times.

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