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BAIP6( is a new drafted proposal that consist of the updated Market Making contest(Ordering Mining) rule and some other parts, the purpose is to cultivate the market depth and the trading activeness in BTS-DEX through a task distribution mechanism, and to increase the system income to buy back BTS to create value for BTS stake holders.

Now 2 poll workers have been created:

1.14.260 Poll-BAIP6-Implement BTS-DEX economic model
1.14.261 Poll-BAIP6-Do Not Implement BTS-DEX economic model

According to BAIP procedure definition, the BAIP6 will be considered approved while below 3 criteria are met:

1.worker 1.14.260 get more voting power than 1.14.261 worker.
2.worker 1.14.260 get more voting power than BAIP-Threshold Worker 1.14.236.
3.Both No.1 & 2 above last for three consecutive days.

Kindly Reminder:

BTS-DEX try to make sure,but do not guarantee that the listed gateways always provide liable service and is not legally responsible for that, users need to judge the service liability of the gateways by him/herself.

As RuDEX and XBTSX claimed not to participate the subsequent Ordering Mining, at the beginning only GDEX is included in the gateway list,  however any qualified gateway is welcomed to join after the Ordering Mining begin if the gateway accept the mentioned conditions in the BAIP.

Please vote according to your opinion.


1.14.260 Poll-BAIP6-Implement BTS-DEX economic model   ##赞同实施BAIP6
1.14.261 Poll-BAIP6-Do Not Implement BTS-DEX economic model  ## 反对实施BAIP6

1.提案 1.14.260 获得投票高于提案 1.14.261.
2.提案 1.14.260 获得投票高于提案 BAIP门槛提案 1.14.236.



因为RuDEX and XBTSX宣布不参加接下来的挂单挖矿,开始的时候挂单挖矿将只包括GDEX一家网关,但欢迎任何服务达标且接受BAIP6中描述的参加条件的网关在后续时间选择加入。

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