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OIP1: Asset Feature - MLP2 (Market Liquidity Pool 2)
« on: June 21, 2020, 12:42:34 pm »
Liquidity is a big problem on the BitShares DEX, because there is no way to lend assets for market making.

Bancor and Uniswap got recently a protocol update. More users are using their service for lending and asset swaps.

The Onest Blockchain is a proof of concept for BitShares and BTS holder, to bring new innovations into the space. Which means an OIP can be freely exchanged for a BSIP and vice versa.

  • MLP2 is an asset lending feature, to provide liquidity for asset exchanges at the current price level
  • Simplified version of the Bancor Protocol without connector weight
  • Stepless liquidity with no order book for any asset pair
  • Blockchain as borrower and liquidity provider
  • ONS as central node and base currency
  • Market fees are shared to asset lender and blockchain

What is new in MLP2?
  • One asset deposit/withdraw to/from MLP2
  • Non-core token liquidity pairs
  • No orderbook integration

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