Author Topic: Looking for help with OL shutdown (need help getting funds out of BS account.  (Read 658 times)

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hello everybody

I have some open ledger assets trapped in my BTS account.

I've had an e-mail from support with instructions as to how to proceed. They read as follows:

<begin quote>

Hello OL DEX OPEN asset holder, 
As first step in the process of settlement of any claims related to any OPEN assets held on your account on the BitShares network and as part of the compliance process connected with this, we ask you to send any and all of your OPEN assets for settlement to BitShares network account:


write in memo: your email address(important!!!)

<end quote>

now I am unsure of the Bitshares Network account. I've tried to send a payment to ccedkbts. however when I try and send the payment I get a sort of error message coming from the memo box. It says something like " the receiver won't be able to see this message" and the transaction won't send/complete.

Does anyone know why I'm seeing this message? And what can be done? And further is ccedkbts the correct username to send the assets?

I've tried to respond directly in the email back to support but no reply. Don't know if any human is reading this correspondence.

I would appreciate any help that people may be able to offer with this problem.



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You‘d better go to OL telegram to get help...