Author Topic: Bit20 / Twentix ownership transition  (Read 3240 times)

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I'm looking forward to it too.

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Cool, good to know, looking forwards to what's coming next from the BTWTY crew! :)

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Background. Bit20 (BTWTY) has been operating as a transparent representation of the largest market capitalization cryptocurrency projects continuously over five years. Because the assets themselves function as public and open DAOs, anyone is free to access the published feeds and create their own contracts on the BitShares blockchain. The project has always had a team monitoring and updating the parameters of the index.

Over the years, the team behind Bit20 has responsibly maintained the software and governed over fair value pools. Further, they have taken on increasing responsibilities while releasing a series of projects (Bit20, Twentix, Blocktivity). After long consideration in conversations EstefanTT will shift day-to-day operations of the BTWTY & TWENTIX asset & website to JohnR. After this transition JohnR and a small team will continue operation of the assets including maintaining community communication. First priority will be improving the asset from global settlement. Ensuring full value for token holders is first priority.

Management: The new operator for the Bit20 and Twentix indexes will be John Conlin.

“As the new operator of the Bit20 technology and its historical legacy, it is my primary concern that all holders and supporters receive the experience promised them when the project began. I’ve been a frequent poster on, served as a Committee Member, and cultivated meaningful relations with other individuals and businesses. I care about a reputation for honesty and will put significant resources behind this project – aligning my incentives with fellow token holders.”

“It will not be easy, but I look forward to helping the Bit20 DAO reach greater success than ever.”

Estefan & I will answer any questions of both current token holders and prospective token holders.

Telegram - @nonfungible_john
BTS – “johnr”
Bit20, the cryptocurrency index fund
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