Author Topic: BTS中国公会关于执行补丁的公告 Announcement on Implementation of BTS CNVOTE Patch  (Read 2848 times)

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I don't want to see the fraudster dev with law ethic in a core, easy as that
I don't want our community and gateway were attacked by the fraudster in the future when he'll decide that  I talk too much.
All the rest it is your personal opinion, about. Nothing more.

Talking too much is meaningless now, everyone have their choice, everyone only believe what they want to believe, let the time show which is right, time is the key.

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we need to correct the system so it is not possible for one person to do something like this .

And that is precisely why I am not willing to endourse abit's actions fully. However, when you are attacked, as I believe the CNVOTE conspiracy to be, and aimed at the foundation of the ecosystem, abit's actions could be viewed as defensive. That perspective fails given the history of abit's actions on a range of issues over the years.

What sschiessl posted aligns with my sentiments as well. After all this settles down abit needs to relinquish is sole control of the github code repo to a trustworthy group. If I were in his position I would find the list of candidates for that to be very limited.
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let the time show which is right, time is the key.
Agree on that
But time will not change abit habits, dev with low ethics will always try "easy way", saw this situation multiple times in different public project, but always with the same result.
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