Author Topic: BTS dream of great rejuvenation  (Read 569 times)

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BTS dream of great rejuvenation
« on: August 22, 2020, 12:40:40 am »
Once BTS market value ranked top three, did not fall to the present level, it is a pity.
1、 Bts4.0 should be further optimized, and the voting system should be one vote for one vote, and it should be expanded from the Council to the witness.
2、 The optimization of increasing ticket weight is 2,4,8,16,32,64128. It is twice as many in three months, four times in half a year, eight times in a year, 16 times in two years, 32 times in five years, 64 times in ten years and 128 times in 20 years.
3、 Improve the treatment of witnesses, witness lock position competition, the specific number of lock warehouse, lock time can not be imagined at present. After the implementation of the first two articles, it is estimated that this article will be opened naturally.
4、 Stable currency business restart, optimize price feeding rules.
5、 Optimize the trading experience, K-line trend can imitate the currency and other advanced models.
6、 The public node optimization provided by witnesses is too slow to be used in China.
7、 Cross chain project, convenient access to other assets into the internal disk.
8、 Support Unicorn gateway.
As can be seen from the above, one vote can reduce the ability of the large ticket warehouse control system, which is more in line with the spirit of blockchain decentralization. There will be a large number of lock up BTS when the ticket right is increased by locking the warehouse. The competitive employment of witness locking can form a benign competitive environment, stabilize the witness team and improve the status of witness. A large number of BTS lock positions will support the continuous upward trend of BTS prices.