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@Digital Lucifer  I  reposted without abit using Trojan to hijack  part for discussion. please do not lock.... thanks in advance 

The idea of ​​governance asset btsDAO. If Voting rights to be obtained through..

I’m thinking, in fact, it’s fairer to get voting rights through BTS held by mortgage. No matter how many BTS you have, you can mortgage BTS (equivalent to locking) if you want to express your opinion.

If BTS change the voting rules in this way, we can issue An management token btsDAO. 1000 bts can be mortgaged into One btsDao, only with btsDao can participate in bts management.

btsDao can be transferred and sold, voting rights can be traded. The bts in minnow's hands is useful when fighting for power. 100 bts can be mortgaged into 0.1 btsDAO. If big players compete for system control, your btsDAO will be very valuable. this way is a best solution all types of holders , big holder like alt , if he want to have  influence, he also need to mortgage the btsDAO to participate in system governance. btsDAO can also be mortgaged into bitcny in critical market condition. btsDAO unlocking is set to 7 days. btsDAO's mortgage also took effect in 7 days. In this way, power can be locked in a cage. It will make   everyone feel happy and help system to thrive.

Make governance tokens valuable, so that governance and coin speculation are separated. If the governance is too outrageous, the speculators can pledge BTS into btsDAO to correct the error, so that the system can ensure long-term stability.

In fact, all we need to do is to design a governance asset called btsDAO, btsDAO unlocked at any time can get back the same amount bts used in the original mortgage.   

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