Author Topic: PoolTool: An easy to use, Python based GUI to interact with Liquidity Pools  (Read 350 times)

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A simple GUI tool to help anyone use Liquidity Pools on the BitShares blockchain.
Written entirely in Python, it will work on any platform that can run Python.

Requires Python 3.8+
Tested on MacOS 10.14.6, Ubuntu 20.10, and 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS. No Windows solution currently.

Full instructions are located in the README on Github.


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Very nice! This is great to see a useful tool for BitShares features.

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Updated pool list. Please run
Code: [Select]
git pull originin your PoolTool folder for up-to-date pool list.

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Can't wait for a Windows Version!
We build apps on top of the Bitshares Blockchain

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Can't wait for a Windows Version!
Working on that, slowly!

Deposit functionality has been added to PoolTool. Please update your version of PoolTool to take advantage of the new feature.