Author Topic: 2020-11-25 Old bitCNY parameters adjustment  (Read 957 times)

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to mitigate single-point-of-failure issue by adding more price feed producers (step by step).


Added price feed producers:
* clone
* btspp-witness

Current parameters:

ICR (Initial collateral ratio) 210%
MCR (Maintenance collateral ratio) 160%
MSSR (Maximum short-squeeze ratio) 105%
MCFR (Margin call fee rate) 3%
FSFP (Force settlement fee percent) 3%
FSO (Force settlement price offset) 2%
Force settlement delay 24 hour
Maximum force settlement volume per hour 0.5%
Price feed threshold 0.12 CNY/BTS (temporary)
Price feed producers list: in.abit, clone, btspp-witness (temporary)
Minimum feeds 1 (temporary)

Borrowing is enabled. The maximum supply is limited to 21,000,000 bitCNY.
Force-settlement is disabled.
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