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as of 12/11/2021 my witness is producing blocks again

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wss:// is back up to date, but I am awaiting my static IP from my ISP. Will post when it is up for public use.

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wss:// will be down for a resync, will be adding more pool history available for querying

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wss:// has been updated to 5.1.0

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I support witness iamredbar, a great stakeholder and representative of BitShares!
Thank you John!

welcome aboard
Thank you binggo!

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I support witness iamredbar, a great stakeholder and representative of BitShares!

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Hello everyone,
I am looking to become a Witness on the BitShares blockchain.
My name is Brendan and I have been a community member since the end of 2017.
I have been involved in multiple different Graphene projects over the past couple years, and have more recently taken to development as my contribution to the community.

- Witness: iamredbar1-witness
    - ID: 1.2.24937
    - Witness ID: 1.6.96
    - Signing Key: TEST52ks8rntvjXrb3CatrPQJzQXfkA4BPDCgCoke2BV3RHyTCuM8Z
- Witness: iamredbar
    - ID: 1.2.1796741
    - Witness ID:  1.6.181
    - Signing Key: BTS5eaoBvp5FNxA6t8VaaP4f3fwWRU46vk15AUCD2nu2YsMakFnsz
- API Node: wss://

- Telegram Group:

Better Ballot Bot:
- Telegram Group:

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback for me. I appreciate your consideration for supporting me as a Witness.
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