Author Topic: PRESS RELEASE: Bit20 Creative Group Launches ARTCASA on BitShares  (Read 2027 times)

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Awesome work guys!

What are your plans moving forwards for additional ARTCASA NFT releases? :)

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PRESS RELEASE | April 30, 2021

Bit20 Creative Group Launches ARTCASA to Make Rare Digital Art Minting Easy and Inexpensive for Artists

Blockchain-based platform will simplify tools and enable cost-effective solutions for artists creating collectible rare digital art

April 30, 2021 - The recent surge of digital art and collectibles released by artists is exciting, but most Blockchains are plagued by expensive fees, slow transactions, limited interfaces, and cumbersome tools.

The Bit20 Creative Group are pleased to announce ARTCASA. ARTCASA is a gallery, a venue, a marketplace, and a community. Our mission is to support artists and to facilitate the creation, preservation, and appreciation of rare digital art. We provide tools and services to help artists deploy limited-issue tokens, and provide access to a marketplace of buyers and patrons.

Artists make the art, and ARTCASA helps them get it tokenized. ARTCASA is born and bred on the BitShares Blockchain protocol and will utilize its native Decentralized Exchange (DEX). By leveraging the efficient BitShares ecosystem, cost savings and convenience are passed along to artists.

“Leveraging the Bitshares Blockchain allows the flexibility of an established, robust, enterprise-grade Blockchain without the high fees as seen with other popular Blockchains. The producers and curators of fine art are important players in this Cryptoart movement, so we are seeking to keep ARTCASA open and inclusive,” comments John Conlin, head of Business Development at The Bit20 Creative Group and long-time Bitshares community builder.

To learn more about ARTCASA please visit:


About The Bit20 Creative Group

The Bit20 Creative group comprises professionals across business development, marketing, legal, app development, product design and Blockchain technology. The combined disciplines facilitate a team with both deep and wide subject matter expertise. This imparts the capabilities to build just about any type of application around the Blockchain and Financial Services sector.