Author Topic: 2021-05-21 bitUSD globally settled due to black swan event  (Read 1740 times)

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Why only 2 delegates provide feeds?
Why switch off feed price now, although price feed lifetime - 24 hours?

Revive unavailable without feed price.

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GS price  0.0481 USD/BTS
Revive price 0.0721 USD/BTS

Current minimum_feeds is 3, and the price feed producer list is adjusted to 2 producers:
1.2.987999  zapata42-witness
1.2.1035733 syalon

It will be revived when market recovered, specifically, when median feed price is higher than the revive price.
collateral bidding will be ignored.

Before it's revived, bitUSD holders can force settle their bitUSD to get BTS from the GS pool at the GS price.
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