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Not sure I got that with the binary...

(I got a "no permission" after downloading / saving that needed a chmod +x)...

Check in the bitcoin-qt forums...

I think there may be an rpc username or something in .bitcoin?

did you use a similar username in .memorycoin?
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i usually use qmake-qt4 && make
but when you already got a memorycoin-qt executable you seem to be a step further.

can't tell you why the wallet doesn't start as long as there's no error message :/
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Hi first of all lets say this seems like a nice coin i have clone source from git hub
i am on ubuntu 13.1
i try

qmake and cmake it just gives me a list of functions i also tryed with that unpd flag at the end

i navigated to the src directory and typed make -f Makefile,unix

compiled with no issue however now i type ./memorycoin-qt it starts and said i dont have username and password set in config so i make a file in /home/myusername/.memorycoin/memorycoin.config paste user name and password in it save it then go back to directory and type
./memorycoin-qt it doesnt give any errors but it doesnt start up am i doing somthing wrong i know i didnt spell everything right here but i did when typing it in thank you so much for help.