Author Topic: is Based on Bitshares6 first decentralized swap platform  (Read 3475 times)

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Bitshares are familiar, bitshare5 0 upgrade flow pool AMM, bitshare6 0 upgrade P2P lending, but the simple and easy-to-use application has not been updated. Swapbts is the first one developed by the visitor development team based on bitshare6, The main goal of decentralized swap is to create a simple and easy-to-use dapp that can be used by beginner based on the bitshare core public chain. Visitor team is a development team from Asia, which contributes a little to promoting the development of bitshares applications.

Later versions will be updated and app will be launched.

Coming soon!

Telegram Group: +SMWopwZJmHY3ZWY1

If there are any suggestions for improvement, please leave a message or join the telegram group.

@visitor Team

We firmly believe that a high-performance public chain cannot have such a low market value, and there may be a lack of time to build an application and community ecology to promote its development.
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