Author Topic: PROPOSAL TO ADD INTEREST POOL  (Read 2148 times)

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You don't need to write a script to perform an airdrop:

AFAIK, liquidity pools already offer methods of accessing passive earning potential, you just need to withdraw to get the rewards iirc.

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Presently the only way to reward passive investors is via airdrop rewards.
Using airdrop rewards involve writing scripts which not all asset owners are capable of doing, it is also tedious and time consuming.
Bitshares has always rewarded the active users, most especially LTMs. Let's look at some of their benefits;
* 80% back on all fees payed to the network.
* Taker fee reward for buying an asset
* Market referral fee reward from refered users who trade actively
These rebates appear on their vesting balance.
It's time to start thinking about passive investors i.e those who hold and lend various assets on the platform. The market markers, etc.
The only way to truly include them is by having an interest pool for the asset.
This interest pool will act as an automatic airdrop pool, that rewards holders of the asset according to their the percentage of their holding.
The asset owner can delegate a portion of the market fees for the asset to the pool, or if it's not possible, he can fund the pool directly and set an interval for interest payment.
The interest payment would appear in the vesting balance of holders just like with active traders.
This feature would be really good for Liquidity pool holders who are interested in staking to earn passive rewards and Lenders who would like to use the credit facility of Bitshares. It would also increase liquidity on the platform.