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Offline litepresence

I've lost control of @litepresence on telegram

I've been using telegram for years as an anon with burner phone and I got pinched on the latest app update; all my desktop app and servers got disconnected at the same time and phone number is required to reconnect - which has been dead for a long time.   Seems they recycled / sunset my auth token.   

If you're on telegram, please post a notice in @bitsharesdev regarding my account
If you need me, I monitor

if you add ".patch" to my recent commit you can see this email address is associated with my github on the second line here:

I have a few tricks potentially up my sleeve for re-acquisition, but I may just have to come back with a new userid.   If it comes to that I'll post the new id here and on my github.   Apologies for any inconvenience.   


ps, if I could get email from ammar or chris sanborn it would be appreciated.   
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