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Where can I find the newsletter´╝č

Stan will post it in this thread when its ready.

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Can't wait for it to come out!

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Where can I find the newsletter´╝č

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can't wait!! +5%


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 +5% Wait for the newsletter.. ;D

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EDIT:  Posting final newsletter link here for quick reference

Final version, for the historical record.
As mailed to 756 recipients. --> to sign-up for future newsletters.

Watch this thread for the March Newsletter. 
(Which is just a shameless excuse to bump and sticky this inspiring graphic.) 

Each of the DAC franchises shown along the bottom has at least one team forming that could decide to release a DAC in that family this spring.  I'll introduce you to some of them in the newsletter.  We will hear from others when their deals are finalized and they decide to go public.

Please note that Invictus is staying out of the way.  We do the R&D and help developers get started.  Do not think that the fact that other developers are beginning to work in parallel means bytemaster has wandered off from BitShares X.

But our first priority is to grow the value for all industry supporters - and that means having many products in the pipeline.  We promised to build you a decentralized crypto-equity industry.  You will see many of its blossoms this Spring.

In the meantime ponder what Doc Brown once said about all this:

"When this baby hits 88 miles per hour..."
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