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[ANN] Exchange Decentralization
« on: April 08, 2014, 01:14:00 am »
This topic promotes exchange decentralization.

   Preventing another situation like [["Bitcoin's Mtgox Insolvency"]] is a must. We are trying to avoid the devaluation of our coin's integrity if an exchange unfortunately closes. (It will ultimately hurt everyone in the end.)

All exchanges carry the ultimate risk of being closed down for any reason.

Please, do not trust your coins on the exchange's account. Keep the portion you want to keep in your wallet, and vote for your candidates. Bear in mind that the freeze in CNY deposits on BTer is a huge warning to investors seeking to find a comfortable trading ground.

     I'd like to promote Bittrex, an all welcoming exchange that promotes alt-coin trading such as ours. Their belief in working with multitudes of other coins is great for the online cryptocurrency community.
BTC/MMC Bittrex Exchange

     Please feel free to read their Bio: they are located in the US and will be able to provide adequate support for our coin if any situation calls for it.
About Bittrex

  Also read our CMO's message here.

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