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With all due respect to Seraphim and his great work, I what to step up for the Chief Support Officer. Is been inactive for some time now.

Who am I?
I’m a 33 year old guy from Portugal, Europe and my name is Ruben. I’m working as a System Administrator in a Middle company in Portugal. My first deeply contact with cryptocurriencies have been this year.

My Work
My first goal is to be present in the community everyday helping in every possible way. I will give support in our forum, and other place that I know having support to our community. I will help in translating everything to Portuguese and motivate others to help writhing guides in other languages. So that everyone can easily mine our coin and be a prepared member of our community.
I will work with other member of the team on everything they ask to help our coin to be stronger.
I don’t need to work alone, if anyone what to help PM and we will work together. This means I will use the funds to hire supporters to accelerate a job that need to be done or maintain. 
I will also propose a creation of a sub forum in Portuguese and will maintain that group. I expect to create and maintain the page of Memorycoin in Wikipedia.
I have no programming knowledge but I will try to bring back the site mmcvotes from Emre in business, in one of my servers. 

I will accept all ideas you can give me to do a better job.
CSO Vote Address: MVTEcsoCi2QBXFTsRARm81nXSkaqeAt5wT
Please send 0.00000001 MMC to vote for me as your new CSO!
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