Author Topic: Will I need to always sync the whole Keyhotee ID blockchain?  (Read 1928 times)

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Say someone new sends me their Keyhotee ID, I then need to have an up-to-date local copy of the Keyhotee blockchain to be sure I know what public key that ID is mapped to.

So this leads to another scaling issue - if Keyhotee becomes popular and the blockchain grows into gigabytes like Bitcoin's has - will this be too much of an inconvenience?

We could use a lite client like Electrum, but then you have trust issues about whether the Keyhotee lite server is telling you the right public key. Many Bitcoin users cant be bothered to sync all the time and prefer lite clients - which works for currency because all the server can lie about is whether you have received your payment or not.
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Re: Will I need to always sync the whole Keyhotee ID blockchain?
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We are working on a light-client solution for the DPOS chains that will allow you to lookup IDs and if they lie they get fired.

You look up the ID from 2 or more independent servers.

If you want privacy then you will have to download the full chain.   
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